The Jeet Kune do Hook Kick

The Jeet Kune Do Hook Kick - this is one of the most basic kick in Jeet Kune Do
To do the Hook Kick-
Lift your lead knee until your tight is horizontal.
your leg below the knee should be hung loosely pointing to the floor at about 45 degrees
Your weight should be completely on the rear foot with knee slightly bent
Then pivot on the ball of your rear foot,which automatically induces your hip to rotate.
Finally snap your foot from the knee which straightens the supporting leg.
The hook kick is performed with one motion from the time your foot leaves the floor

The hook is difficult to learn than the JKD side kick because it is harder to deliver, and it tends to throw you off balance in the process, especially on high kicks.

The hook kick is focused generally on the upper line - from waist to the head. It is especially effective when directed to the ribs of your opponent, just below his arm. The leg is stronger than the arm so even a fast kick like the hook kick can disable your opponent with just one blow.

( Video of executing a JKD hook kick for your reference )

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