Jeet Kune Do Training Method

 Jeet Kune Do Training Video performed by Kenneth 

Bruce Lee's Commentaries of the Martial Way : 
The straight punch is the core of Jeet kune do, but should be reinforced and supported by other angle punches and kicks of like precision.

The straight punch is executed like a western sword fencing without the sword.

Whenever striking with the right lead , it is important to sway ( snap ) slightly to left. The head should slip in the same direction

You cannot use your hands or legs effectively until your feet have put you in a position in which you can do so - the above video will show you how to train , so that you have speed on your feet, and you will be fast on your punch and kick.

A Classical footwork is unrealistic, stay on the balls of your feet and retain the spring ( as shown in the training video above )

Vary the length and step of your step to confuse the opponent ( the training video shown above demonstrates the best training method to accomplished the goal ) 

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