OCTOBER 21, 2011 
 5:50pm - 10:00pm
Bruce Lee Action Museum Fundraiser - SAVE THE DATE
Please join us for a special Bruce Lee Foundation event on October 21, 2011 in Seattle, WA for the Inaugural Bruce Lee Action Museum Fundraiser.  The event will be held at the Imperial Garden Seafood Restaurant (Great Wall Mall, 18230 East Valley Highway, Kent, WA 98032).  The event will include a no-host cocktail hour, a banquet, special guests, a Bruce Lee exhibit, auctions, special BLF merchandise and more.  Tickets to the event are $100.00 per person.  More details to follow!  But, mark your calendars now and save the date!  We look forward to seeing you there!
For more information or to purchase tickets now, please contact Sydnie at (310) 451-9990.  Tickets are also available at the Great Wall Mall.  Checks and credit cards accepted.  
The Bruce Lee Foundation
Jeet Kune Do's aggressive Mental training is not a mere philosophical contemplation on effervescence of life or a frozen type of mold, but an entrance into the realm of nonrelativity and it is real.

The point is to utilize the art as means to advance in the study of the way. To be on the alert means to be deadly serious, to be deadly means to be sincere to oneself, and it is sincerity that finally leads to the way.

A Struggle of any nature can never be settled satisfactorily until the absolute fact is touched-where neither opponent can affect the other. Not neutrality, not indifference, but transcendence is the thing needed.

learning gained is learning lost. Discipline in conformity with the nature -
excerpts from Bruce Lee Jeet Kune Do edited by J. Little