Jeet Kune Do Pad Training , Speed, Flexibility and Balance drills

 JKD Pad Training drills , Jumping Split Kick , Flying Kick performed by Kenneth 

Excerpts from Bruce Lee's Commentaries on the Martial Way

I Have given you tools how to use them is up to you 
I can give you tools but you have to developed your own way of using them.
There should be no method of fighting. There should be tools to be use as effectively as possible

Pointers on spinning Kick
In the spin kick you will notice a very good lesson. When you try too much control the movement , You get too hung up on the execution, and therefore you become too tense and your execution is poor.
However if, you are able to forget it , to relax -boom! - it will land right on the target ! When you ease the burden of your mind, you just do it.

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