Jeet Kune Do Training Method

Every attack you made should be penetrating, disturbing your opponent's rhythm and bringing pressure upon his morale. Remember though that your hand is not a hatchet to chop your opponent down. rather they are keys to unlock your opponent's defense, a different lock requires a different key - Bruce Lee

It is easy to learn the mechanics of an attack, but to apply that attack in time with the opponent and at a correct distance takes a lot of practice

JKD Spin Hook Kick

(1) Start with your hands held high on an on guard position
(2) Turn your body half around and head sharply to spot your target over your shoulder
(3) Chamber your knee to 45 degrees angle
(4) begin the execution of the kick , reaching your leg from 2:00 o' clock to full lock out position
(5) hitting with the face of the foot. At impact, tighten the area of contact.
(6) Chamber through to 10:00 o' clock, and return to the fighting stance.
Tips for a great kick: Think of your body as a whirlwind when executing this kick. Momentum is the key, as well as speed, and the full extension from 2:00 o clock to 10:00 o' clock.

Remember , with spinning kick, it is best to initiate your attack with a safe kick, then follow through with the spin.

Jeet Kune Do Principles and Strategies

The art of offensive defense Though your style should be a combination of offense and defense, I often stress that offense should be more emphasized. This does not mean that we should neglect defense; actually as you will later realize , into every Jeet kune do offense, defense is also welded in to form what I term " defensive offense " - Bruce Lee

In Attacking, you must never be halfhearted. Your main concern is with correct and most determined execution of your offensive. You should be like steel spring ready at the slightest opening to set the explosive charge of your dynamic attack.