JKD Spin Hook Kick

(1) Start with your hands held high on an on guard position
(2) Turn your body half around and head sharply to spot your target over your shoulder
(3) Chamber your knee to 45 degrees angle
(4) begin the execution of the kick , reaching your leg from 2:00 o' clock to full lock out position
(5) hitting with the face of the foot. At impact, tighten the area of contact.
(6) Chamber through to 10:00 o' clock, and return to the fighting stance.
Tips for a great kick: Think of your body as a whirlwind when executing this kick. Momentum is the key, as well as speed, and the full extension from 2:00 o clock to 10:00 o' clock.

Remember , with spinning kick, it is best to initiate your attack with a safe kick, then follow through with the spin.