Jeet Kune Do weapons and footwork

 Training Video above  performed by Kenneth
One should concentrate on speeding himself up. Mobility and speed is what he should seek for and, in order to increase mobility and lighten his feet, he should get away from the classical flatfooted practice and get the slight crouch with weight on the balls of  his feet and feel the floor like a spring. this is to find firmness and balance and mobility.
The feet should be kept an easy and comfortable distance apart.
Vary the length and speed of your step to confuse the opponent.
- Bruce Lee

The video above shows you how to train .

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Don't Let Zombies Eat your Brains!!Keep on training!!
My JKD training helps me survive the Night of the Living Dead!!!!

Jeet Kune Do Training Method

 Jeet Kune Do Training Video performed by Kenneth 

Bruce Lee's Commentaries of the Martial Way : 
The straight punch is the core of Jeet kune do, but should be reinforced and supported by other angle punches and kicks of like precision.

The straight punch is executed like a western sword fencing without the sword.

Whenever striking with the right lead , it is important to sway ( snap ) slightly to left. The head should slip in the same direction

You cannot use your hands or legs effectively until your feet have put you in a position in which you can do so - the above video will show you how to train , so that you have speed on your feet, and you will be fast on your punch and kick.

A Classical footwork is unrealistic, stay on the balls of your feet and retain the spring ( as shown in the training video above )

Vary the length and step of your step to confuse the opponent ( the training video shown above demonstrates the best training method to accomplished the goal ) 

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Jeet Kune Do Pad Training , Speed, Flexibility and Balance drills

 JKD Pad Training drills , Jumping Split Kick , Flying Kick performed by Kenneth 

Excerpts from Bruce Lee's Commentaries on the Martial Way

I Have given you tools how to use them is up to you 
I can give you tools but you have to developed your own way of using them.
There should be no method of fighting. There should be tools to be use as effectively as possible

Pointers on spinning Kick
In the spin kick you will notice a very good lesson. When you try too much control the movement , You get too hung up on the execution, and therefore you become too tense and your execution is poor.
However if, you are able to forget it , to relax -boom! - it will land right on the target ! When you ease the burden of your mind, you just do it.

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Jeet Kune Do - On hitting the heavy Bag - Training Tips that are effective on Actual Combat

The fact that the bag can't strike you back -" perfecting faults"
Always keep well covered and never leave yourself open for one moment.

The power of the punch and kick comes not, as so many people imagine, from vigor with which the blow is struck, but by correct contact at the right spot at the right moment, and with feet and body in correctly position and balanced.

Move! Move! Move around the whole time, side stepping, feinting varying your kicks and blows to the movement.

Remember that the body is an integral part of the kick and punch, it is not only the leg and arm that delivers them.

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Jeet Kune Do Training Method

Every attack you made should be penetrating, disturbing your opponent's rhythm and bringing pressure upon his morale. Remember though that your hand is not a hatchet to chop your opponent down. rather they are keys to unlock your opponent's defense, a different lock requires a different key - Bruce Lee

It is easy to learn the mechanics of an attack, but to apply that attack in time with the opponent and at a correct distance takes a lot of practice

JKD Spin Hook Kick

(1) Start with your hands held high on an on guard position
(2) Turn your body half around and head sharply to spot your target over your shoulder
(3) Chamber your knee to 45 degrees angle
(4) begin the execution of the kick , reaching your leg from 2:00 o' clock to full lock out position
(5) hitting with the face of the foot. At impact, tighten the area of contact.
(6) Chamber through to 10:00 o' clock, and return to the fighting stance.
Tips for a great kick: Think of your body as a whirlwind when executing this kick. Momentum is the key, as well as speed, and the full extension from 2:00 o clock to 10:00 o' clock.

Remember , with spinning kick, it is best to initiate your attack with a safe kick, then follow through with the spin.

Jeet Kune Do Principles and Strategies

The art of offensive defense Though your style should be a combination of offense and defense, I often stress that offense should be more emphasized. This does not mean that we should neglect defense; actually as you will later realize , into every Jeet kune do offense, defense is also welded in to form what I term " defensive offense " - Bruce Lee

In Attacking, you must never be halfhearted. Your main concern is with correct and most determined execution of your offensive. You should be like steel spring ready at the slightest opening to set the explosive charge of your dynamic attack.

Jeet Kune Do Training Drills Side Kick Hook Kick

In this video JKD Training drills are shown for your reference
Jeet kune do is fitting in with one's opponent, but there is no path , no self, no goal

Jeet Kune Do is not a method of concentration or meditation. It is being. It is an experience, a Way that is not a way.
Random Thoughts on JKD :
My Jeet Kune Do is something else. . . more and more I pity the martial artist that are blinded by their partiality and ignorance -  - - Bruce Lee

Jeet Kune Do reference training Video XXXIII

Bruce Lee stated that " I stress again, I have not created or invented any kind of martial art. Jeet kune do is derived from what I have learned, plus my evaluation of it. Thus , my JKD is not confirmed by any kind of martial arts. On contrary, I welcome those who like JKD to study it and improve it. "

Jeet kune do uses all ways and is bound by none, and likewise uses any technique or means which serves its end. Efficiency is anything that scores

Training Video performed by Ken 
Sound track - Run to the Water .Partial content. All rights reserve to LIVE

JKD Jeet Kune Do - the styless style

In order to cope with what is, one must have the awareness and flexibility of styleless style. When I say " styleless style ", I mean a style that has the totality without partiality; in short, it is a circle without circumference where every conceivable line is included. Because, after all , an opponent is capable of throwing all lines and if one is partial only to dealing with the straight , then he will run into friction with just the right line that will screw up his straight line. Let's remember the word relationship: To do a techniques is to study oneself in action with the opponent. From the teachings of Bruce Lee - Founder Jeet Kune Do.

refer to the training video below performed by Ken

Jeet Kune Do conditioning training Video XXV

Remember that a martial art man is not merely a physical exponent of some prowess he may have been gifted with in the first place. As he matures, he will realize that his side kick is really not so much a tool to explode through his ego and all those follies. All that training is to round him up to be a complete man. - Bruce Lee

Jeet Kune Do Training Video Techniques and drills set XIV

Jeet Kune Do is 70% Physical and 30% mental training
Shown in the video below are Drills to improve the following :
1. Simple Angular Attack
2. Progressive Indirect Attack
3. Attack by Combination

Jeet Kune Do Techniques and Drills XXXV

Jeet Kune do is only a name. The most important thing is to avoid having bias in training. Although the principle of boxing is important, practicality is even more important.
True observation begins when one is devoid of set patterns.
Freedom of expression occurs when one is beyond system.
Truth cannot be structured or confined.
A style is a classified response to one's chosen inclination

Jeet Kune Do speed ball striking accuracy training

Jeet kune do is fitting in with one's opponent, but there is no path, no self, and no goal. Its first concern is about experience and not its modes of expression

Jeet Kune Do Speed Ball training Video XXIII

The fluidity of a martial artist  seeks can be best describe by the story of the centipede. The many footed creature was asked how it managed to walk on its feet. When it stopped to think about how it managed its daily function, it tripped and fell. And so , life should be a natural process, in which the development of the mind is not allowed to throw the natural flow of life out of balance

Jeet Kune Do Training Video XXVII

Do not attack from out of range; be sure to obtain your correct distance and launch it at at the precise moment when the opponent leaves the line open

Jeet Kune Do training and Drills

Jeet Kune Do Striking method
It should be focused clearly and distinctly, and have the penetration ability to strike from any angle and from any distance - develop a sense of focus that will enable you to control and direct it

Jeet Kune Do - weapons arsenal -Kicking Combination Training aid

Jeet Kune Do Kicking combination

The video I shown you above is a basic attack by combination method. Use it as your reference for your practice, experiment with your own combinations.

Classical forms dull your creativity, condition and render frozen your sense of freedom. You no longer "be" but merely "do".
If any style of fighting teaches you a method of fighting, then you might be able to fight according to the limit of that method, and really that is not fighting as is.

Jeet Kune Do - Basic Kicking drills

JKD Speed Punching Drill

Jeet Kune Do - Flexibility training 2 side split

Jeet Kune Do - Progressive indirect Attack ( PIA )

Notes on the feint ( PIA - Progressive indirect Attack )
Never pause on a feint - a feint should be followed up. Feints with a short lunge are also very useful to keep an aggressive opponent at bay. Sometimes the opponent can caught off his guard and unprepared by such feints; one can immediately follow up.

Jeet Kune Do - weapons arsenal - Angular Counter Attack

Jeet Kune Do - Angular Kicks as Training Aid for balance

JKD Spinning Kick

Jeet Kune Do Side muscle conditioning training ( for improvement of Kicks )

The video shown above demonstrates the side muscle conditioning. This training is important for improvements in your kicks. When your side muscle becomes stronger, you will be able to execute any types of kicks effortlessly. Effortlessly executing a kick means you can concentrate now on increasing your kicking speed. And in no time your kicks will be too fast and with a blinding speed.

Jeet Kune Do straight blast Speed Punching Training

The Straight Blast
One hand out, one hand back for protection and securing strategic position. Thumb up and strike with the last three knuckles with body weight behind the blow
refer to the video I demonstrated above for your reference

Jeet Kune Do - Flexibility Training 1

Shown in the video above, is how to do the side split.
  1. Stretch the muscles of both your inner thighs.
  2. Shift your weight between your legs and arms to get the best stretch
  3. When your legs tense, help them relax by putting most of your weight on your arms
  4. When the legs relax , slide into a greater stretch by shifting your weight back till you reach the full split position

Jumping Split Kick 2

The Ultimate Source of Jeet Kune Do

Bruce Lee's Commentaries on the Martial Way
edited by : J Little 
Published by : Tuttle Publishing

My purpose in creating jeet kune do was not to compare with other branches of martial arts. Anything that becomes a branch would induce bad feeling. Once there is a formation of branch, then things seem to stop. Students would labor for regulations and rules. Then the meaning of martial art would be lost. Even today, I dare not say that I have reached any state of achievement. I'm still learning , for learning is boundless.

Like a man's body , you would not say that your hand was better than your leg or vice versa ; you have  to coordinate the two , to use them both skillfully in order to produce a satisfactory result.