Jeet Kune Do Heavy Bag Training - Kicking Drills

Jeet Kune Do not a mass art,only one of 10,000 can handle it. It is silly to think almost anyone can learn it.It is really a smooth rhythmic expression of smashing the guy before he hits you,with any method available - Bruce Lee

Heavy Bag Kicking Drills training video, you can do to improve your conditioning.
In this video you will discover new insights into some old ways. Approach all new ideas with open mind, and the willingness to try new idea once before throwing it out.
As Bruce Lee once quoted " empty your cup before you taste my tea" the same applies here. Release your negative ideas and your past experience. Today marks the beginning of your new quest. Just do it
  1. Flying kick to the heavy bag
  2. Bursting side kick to the heavy bag
  3. Hook kick to the heavy bag